Green Compass Caddy - head on view


The Compass Caddy enables you to use your trekking pole as a pointing device to help you navigate.

Red Compass Caddy housing a compass

The Compass Caddy is designed to keep your compass aligned along the length of your pole.  That means that you can use the pole as a pointer to help you when using your compass. Please watch the video on the right to find out more.

Great for a quick check of compass heading

Having the compass ready to hand on your pole enables you to check your heading quickly and easily - useful for a sanity check of your direction.

Great for walking on a bearing - no need to put your poles away

Walking on a bearing is one of those situations in which most trekking pole users stow their poles away to leave both hands free to use the compass. With the Caddy, you can use your poles as usual.

To walk on a bearing, just flip your wrist over to see your compass, rotate your body to house the compass needle, and now your pole is pointing in the direction you need to go. Pick an object along the line of march - say a rock - and walk to it normally, using your poles. When you get there, repeat the process. Its quick, easy and efficient.

Great for taking a bearing - using your pole as a pointer makes it easier to line things up

Withe the Compass Caddy, you can use the pole as a pointer to help you set a bearing. Just point the pole towards your objective, then house the compass needle by rotating the compass dial. Thats it, your bearing is set -  much easier than squinting along the baseplate of the compass.

"An unexpected advantage for me was the benefit of my trekking pole in aiding navigation....(having) my compass attached to my trekking pole is like having a sniper scope for compass navigation....It’s so simple I wish I had thought of it!"

Brian Green, Brian's Backpacking Blog

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