Making compass navigation easier

A compass is great for navigation, but only if you consult it often. That's not easy when it's hanging around your neck, or in a pocket - especially if both your hands are full of trekking poles, or are encased in gloves.

The Compass Caddy is a lightweight, easy-to-use plastic clip that attaches your compass to your trekking pole. It keeps your compass ready to hand when you need it, and out of the way when you don't.

The Caddy is designed to benefit hikers, trekkers, backpackers, orienteers, backcountry skiers - anybody who uses poles, and needs to navigate with a compass.

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Simple to use, multiple benefits

Coming soon

We're working hard to get the Caddy into production as soon as possible. You can help us to do that by spreading the word in three easy ways - thank you:

Caddy & Compass

Wrist flip to see compass caddy

Instantly visible

Your compass is secured, ready to hand, just below the handle of your pole. Checking it is as easy as looking at your wristwatch.

Quick and easy detachment of compass

Easy to use

The Compass Caddy is designed to hold a compass securely to a pole, but makes it easy to remove the compass to use with a map.

One size fits most compasses and poles

Universal fit

Most commonly available baseplate compasses and walking/trekking poles are compatible with the Compass Caddy.